About us

SeaShuttle is a group of vertically integrated marine related companies. The group activities include yacht design, yacht manufacturing, yacht sales and yacht management.

Specific focus is to provide water transport services, making use of yachts manufactured by subsidiaries that offer a clear and sustainable competitive advantage.

Originally established in the Caribbean (British Virgin Islands) in 1993, SeaShuttle activities have now been expanded to include all locations where the prolific development of island based resorts and waterfront properties, create further demand for our unequalled products.

The capabilities of the STEALTH range of products make the "impossible possible" by SHRINKING HORIZONS . . .

Brief Historical Information


SeaShuttle international, (aka VOYAGE charters international limited) was founded by Ian Stopforth in the British Virgin Islands to enter the charter market by introducing catamarans to the monohull dominant charter market.


Ian Stopforth founded VOYAGE yachts (Pty) Ltd to design and manufacture sailing catamarans for the charter market and leisure industry. VOYAGE yachts have since built over 250 large catamarans and won multiple awards, including, Boat Of the Year, Overall Best Cruising Boat and Best Cruising Multihull.


Ian Stopforth and Jo Ann Solivio commenced charter operations as VOYAGE charters in the British Virgin Islands to charter VOYAGE yachts built sailing catamarans. The charter operations was the avenue used to sell the VOYAGE yachts catamarans into the VOYAGE charters lifestyle program.


VOYAGE travel, Inc. was established in Annapolis, Maryland; traded as VOYAGE charters USA and became the US Yacht Sales and Charter Sales reservation office for VOYAGE charters BVI. Now known as SeaShuttle USA.


Continued to develop charter operations globally including Maryland, Greece, Spain, and Seychelles.


Founded STEALTH yachts and commenced with developing the STEALTH 540 and manufacturing of leisure craft. Founded STEALTH technology to separate IP from manufacturing.


STEALTH yachts are awarded Best Power Yacht for STEALTH 540 FlyBridge leisure yacht.


Design and development of commercial range of luxury transport craft commenced.


First SeaShuttle product launched for resort and excursion application and STEALTH yachts awarded Best Power Yacht for the STEALTH 520.


Commenced first shuttle services in the British Virgin Islands.


SeaShuttle expands market research and development into South and Southeast Asia market.


Introduction of the SeaShuttle products in Southeast Asia by way of exhibiting a STEALTH 520 at the Boat Asia Show in Keppel Bay, Singapore.


Disinvested from the VOYAGE group, VOYAGE yachts and VOYAGE charters in October to facilitate further investment and focus on the development of the STEALTH yachts product range with specific reference to commercial and private water transport opportunities. The company name changed from VOYAGE charters international to SeaShuttle international limited.


Developed the STEALTH 380 product range as well as further developed opportunities.


Commenced shuttle operations in the Maldives.