What We're About


The fundamental requirement for a successful yacht design is extensive knowledge and know-how of interpreting a requirement and applying the manufacturing techniques, technologies and materials that comprise a superior craft, resulting in an appealing product ready for production and maintainable in its application.

The qualifications and experience of our associated marine design company - STEALTH technology, enables design from the concept stage and covers the full spectrum of naval architecture and engineering disciplines to bring a project to its conclusion.


The ability to manufacture yachts that specifically meet the needs of our clients (private, commercial or patrol), has distinguished SeaShuttle beyond other group of companies.

A well-designed and constructed yacht that enables the user to optimize the vessel to the full, achieve performance, stability and comfort are inherent to our craft.   SeaShuttle's direct involvement with the manufacturer enables us to translate client feedback transparently, meeting the client's requirements.

Elegant styling with clever use of space, together with maintainable finishes and component selection, round off the vessels manufactured by STEALTH yachts.


A gateway to island properties and resorts. Our business is to move people and goods across water making use of yachts that offer a clear and sustainable competitive advantage.   The yachts are purposely designed to meet the needs of luxury resorts to provide luxury and exclusive shuttle transfers for their discerning guests.

Reduced travel time, upgraded vessel comfort and privacy and improved travel experience.

SeaShuttle services include vessel fleet maintenance, scheduling, real time reservation, presentation and availability and skilled personnel.


Sole Marketing, Sales and Distribution responsibilities of the products produced by STEALTH yachts lie with SeaShuttle.

SeaShuttle services extend to management of private vessels in locations where SeaShuttle services are present.