Why SeaShuttle

Why outsource to a SeaShuttle Service?

A solution for resort guests water transfer activities.   Focus is to relieve resort management the logistics and operations in the transportation of guests by providing luxury SeaShuttle services, thus enabling resorts to provide the service level expectations without the headache of vessel operations and maintenance.

SeaShuttle Service Features

WiFi, TV onboard, real time vessel tracking and FLIR thermal imaging are examples of the luxury service features of the SeaShuttle.   SeaShuttle has real time manifest systems to ensure all guests/crew on board are accounted for. Real time vessel maintenance systems in place to ensure uninterrupted SeaShuttle services.

Improved Travel Experience and Luxury Interface Between Airport and Resort

SeaShuttle's comfort difference during travel is the level and soft hydrofoil ride, stability of the catamaran hull, 360° visibility.   The technology of our vessels reduces travel time.   Lounge seating in an air-conditioned saloon, a galley to facilitate welcome drinks and snacks as well as a toilet on board are features to improve comfort and guest satisfaction.


SeaShuttle displays exterior and interior branding of a resort or client. Level of service of a resort is followed through and maintained on board.